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ThetaHealing Plant Seminar

Awaken your inner balance with nature while learning more about the Second Plane of Existence...

Pre-Requisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper

Duration: 1 Day

Location: Worldwide Online

Instructor: Talitha Talarek

Total Investment: AU$300

Deposit: AU$50

Course Fee: AU$250

Course Date:  TBA

This seminar is dedicated to the secret intuitive world of plants, trees and elementals and is an in-depth discovery of how to communicate with the plant kingdom of the Second Plane of Existence.


 The Second Plane of Existence teaches us to be in harmony with the plants, trees and elementals. Within this harmony, we learn the first lesson of how plants use light-energy to heal. Learn how to heal a plant and how to permit the plant kingdom to heal you.


In this seminar Vianna also has shared her knowledge of how to garden really well and what the essences of plants bring into our bodies.


Learn how to communicate with plants, why trees are the wisest beings on our planet, and receive a healing from a plant.  Learn how beneficial the plant kingdom is to the world and to you!  Understand what the plant kingdom teaches us about light energy and how to utilize that light energy for feeding our bodies.  Each plant has different vibration frequencies and discover what makes a mother tree, a father tree, portal trees, and the many different kinds of plants and how they communicate with each other

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