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This video testimonial, is one of my own personal experiences from the

healings myself and my son received when i was pregnant. Please bear with it

for the first few moments as the camera is adjusted. It is a live, unedited

recording from one of Vianna Stibal's Instructor classes in Sydney, Australia



If it helps even one person have Faith, then it has done it's job.



Love and Blessings,


Owner Evolve With ThetaHealing

ThetaHealing Master & Certificate Of Science




Consultation's with Talitha - Testimonials


"It was November, 2015 - At 54 years old I was enjoying a very active life. Working full time, going to the gym 5 days a week and Latin dancing 2 to 3 times a week.
All this came to a very abrupt halt when my back just seemed to seize up. I had helped 3 family members move house in an 8 week period but no injury incident occurred. Just one Sunday night I remember my back felt a bit niggly.
Next morning I woke to get up for work and could hardly move. The pain from trying to get up and out of bed was excruciating, I had to use my hands to climb the wall as I tried to stand. The pain level was an 8 out of 10. With every step a screaming pain ran down my back, buttock and leg to my ankle. This excruciating pain continued at different levels over an 8 month period. 2 1/2 months off work, to only return part time for another month or so.
Months of physiotherapy, months of chiropractic and clinical pilates just seemed to increase the sciatic leg pain, nothing was working, I stopped all of that and tried just walking for half an hour a day. My standing desk at work helped as I still couldn't sit very long, 15 mins if I was lucky. The pain drove me to search out different Alternate Therapies. I tried acupuncture, 2 other energy healing modalities and nothing was working more than some slight relief. My life had been turned upside down.

My partner researched ThetaHealing® and I went to Talitha. After 3 healing sessions my back is healed and the sciatic leg and buttock pain is totally gone. I'm back dancing, back at the gym slowly working up my muscles again and can sit without any problems.

I highly recommend ThetaHealing. It has given my life back to me. I'm so impressed with ThetaHealing, I have now myself completed Basic and Advanced level courses and I'm booked in to learn Intuitive Anatomy.
Whether you need a healing yourself or want to learn this amazing healing modality, don't sit there wondering will it help you, book in with Talitha and find out for yourself.

Talitha is an not only an amazing healer, she is an amazing teacher.
Thank you for giving me my life back."
Janice Black, Brisbane Australia 

"I had been diagnosed with Hashimoto, a disease of the immune system, attacking the thyroid gland, also a connection with my adrenals insufficient function.
I was in a shocking condition after taking natural supplements and a slow dose of the appropriate medication and back from another trip to the Emergency and not knowing where to turn for help anymore, I rang a Friend who recommended, highly I must say, to contact Talitha.
I had no idea what was Theta healing yet my intuition told me to trust it.
After the two sessions, I did not feel physically much different which could be due to the many other issues to be addressed. So I felt that I was healed yet it had not been demonstrated physically.
So the only way I will find out would be thru the results of the long list of tests I went through.
After my last visit to the endocrinologist, the healing was confirmed. The results came back all good!!!
The healing keeps slowly to correct the other issues and I am immensely grateful to have been lead to Talitha.
Yes, my Angels are wonderful, trust me on that. I would like to encourage everybody to trust Them too, to connect deeply with own High Self."
Love and Blessings  Melody.
Brisbane,QLD Australia


Dearest Talitha

From a mum of two children that you have helped in immeasurable ways, I want to thank you with all my heart.
Cherie my beautiful daughter who is 16 and an active girl who's passion is football came to see you for help with an injury to her wrist/ thumb. Not only was her injury completely healed when she left your room but so many wonderful amazing things were to follow.

This injury was due to football and by the time we came to you it had cost her several frustrating games on the sideline and six unpaid weeks off work. Doctors had predicted 6 to 12 more weeks for it to heal. After seeing you Cherie felt that it was healed but just a bit weak from not being able to use it and within two days was back to normal. She was back to work at a busy coffee shop using her hand all day with no problems and more to her delight back on the footy field. Amazing!!

But that was just the beginning. Even though we didn't mention this to you, you picked up on issues with her back for which she sees a chiropractor and healed that too.
Cherie actually felt that move and click and hasn't had further problems with her back.

Cherie's football career had begun to take off and she had already been representing Brisbane and Queensland teams in two different codes. Cherie was however experiencing some difficulties regarding her work and football commitments clashing and was thinking about finding a new job.

Well you worked your magic on this area too. Within a couple of weeks much to our amazement it was like everything Cherie touched turned to gold. She didn't have to look for a new job as one was given to her. Her original boss moved her to another store, with a pay rise and a promotion and began singing her praises to anyone who would listen. He is more than willing to work around football and is training her for even further promotion.

Wow!! but there's more. Fast forward a couple more weeks and out of the blue I get a phone call to say that she has been invited to play for an under 18's team for ladies 7's in union in Las Vegas. A couple of relationships that were not great prior to seeing you just seemed to sort themselves out and her fingernails that she usually chews started growing without her even trying. In general she just feels great. There is no price a parent wouldn't pay to have those kind of changes in their child's life. Thank you!!

I also bought my son Billy to see you. He is 14 and has only had one short session with you but already the changes are awesome. He is generally feeling happier and he has had no problems with his asthma since he saw you. He really felt things changing and says he felt a weight leave him. He tells people to go and see you all the time. He thinks you are wonderful. And so do I!!

Much love and gratitude to you beautiful Talitha XXX

Love Julie K, Brisbane, Australia



"I am so blessed to have met & have had a Thetahealing session with Talitha. It has helped me in so many areas in my life. I have dealt with depression & anxiety over the years due to a range of personal circumstances & issues, since my session with Talitha I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can breathe again".

Shannon-Lee Sloane Brisbane, Australia.


"I really wanted to share my story and specially thank Talitha for her wonderful support through my past health issues. I was diagnosed with liver and bone cancer 12mths ago, after previously loosing a kidney to the disease 7yrs ago. I have always been a very positive person and a true believer however I had no idea how to direct my beliefs or use them to the best of my ability. Through the amazing talents of Talitha she helped me help myself and took me through a beautiful journey of soul seaching and direction. Not only did she assist in my healing but she and her generosity has been the massive part in my now bone cancer free and liver is well on its way to being clear. Her endless support and fun healings (yes very fun and full of true smiles, ok maybe giggles) I am totally at one with myself and thank her from the bottom of my heart and soul. Thank you again my true angel xx"

Bonnie Widt Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia.

Bonnie had used a combination of chemotherapy and ThetaHealing, with 2 sessions of each when she experienced her miraculous healing.


"Talitha is an amazing theta practitioner. Her intuition is spot on. Whilst Talitha was working with me she gave me the space to talk about my issues which are many, but she was always able to intuitively know how to bring the session back to what my actual block or belief was and so was able to quickly n gently clear blocks n beliefs that my subconscious had been holding on too for far too long. Not only did she help me release many issues that I was ready to let go of but helped me release family issues and the shock n trauma from those memories. I feel that she helped me define my independence and has given me the tools to be confident in staying on my path this time around when it comes to my career, as from an early age I would try and please everybody else now it is about pleasing myself and that is an amazing feeling. Thank you Talitha."

Esther, London, UK


ThetaHealing Course Testimonials - taught by Talitha



"I want to share with others, my admiration of and gratitude to Talitha for her support, encouragement and open heart that she so naturally shares as a teacher and practitioner. I have had the privilege to attend a number of Talitha's courses and would highly recommend her as a teacher/practitioner. Talitha is an inspiration to me on my own journey and connection with ThetaHealing, as her integrity, honesty and beautiful authentic connection with Creator provided me the perfect example and space to safely start releasing previously long held beliefs and programs that have until now held me back from being my best self and living my best life!

Talitha has also spent time working with my 12yr old daughter who recently asked to attend the Basic DNA Course with Talitha so she can learn more about ThetaHealing with someone she trusts. So, do your Soul a favour and either attend a course with Talitha and/or a personal ThetaHealing session that can change your life in ways you could not have imagined! Start living your dreams knowing that great things happen when we connect to the Creator Of All That Is... I AM!! Love and many Blessings Talitha".

Sonia - Ormeau QLD Australia


"I looked all around the world to do this course and nothing worked out until I opened the door back to Australia (had not wanted to return to Australia as I had been there in the last couple of months) and that was when I found Talitha who so kindly arranged for the Basic and Advanced classes to be conducted consecutively so that I could fly down from Singapore. It felt right and I just knew that I was meant to connect with her. Everything worked out perfectly for me. It was an amazing environment for learning - safe, trusting, absolutely open and loving. Our practice sessions led to deep healings and release and I have personally worked through so many beliefs and cleared them. I have deep gratitude for Creator, for Talitha and all her wonderful stories of growth and learning. Talitha is a beautiful co-creator, a loving mother, a kind, patient and compassionate teacher and quickly became a loving friend. I have learnt so much through a week’s training with Talitha. She has given me so many insights. The Advanced class allows you to go deeper into what you’ve learnt in the Basic class, allowing a better understanding and integration of all the knowledge gained. I am writing this feedback a month later and I want to share with you that life has truly changed for me. My lessons and gifts in life come to me in beautiful ways, with true ease and grace. This is a huge learning point for me and to be able to live life this way is truly miraculous and absolutely possible - I know this now! Every single day is a blessing, with beautiful miracles, thank you to our Creator. I practice healing every day now and I am moving towards setting up my own practice. You are here, reading this for a reason - trust your intuition. These classes are going to change your life. Creator knows it. Deep down in your heart - you know it too. Thank you Creator and thank you Talitha - for all that you have given and shared with me."

Viknes Vari, Vocal Coach & Energy Healer. Singapore.


"My present moment awareness has doubled since I completed basic and even more since advanced! Which has enabled me to be so empowered when it comes to life as I am near never anxious or stressed anymore due to having a higher level of awareness of my thoughts and emotions. Felt more in the zone then ever before during sparring and have no doubts in myself any more when it comes to competing. I've noticed since removing many thought and emotional blockages my athletic performance has gone up! Also my confidence has gone up in every aspect as well".

Sam Rocker Upcoming Muay Thai / MMA fighter



"When I decided to do Talitha's ThetaHealing workshop I knew something profound was going to take place for me I just had no idea what that would be or the gravity of it. Upon completing the course, I noticed that I received healing in all aspects of my life - health, wealth, happiness and spirit. I no longer have depression or anxiety like I used to, I have made space for creating the life I desire, I am generally more content in my daily life and possibly the most surprising aspect of my personal healing was the recognition and deepening of my connection to my higher power / spirituality. I used to think that I couldn't always have that connection and now I know no matter how my daily life challenges me - that connection is solid - always there - and always guiding me. Talitha fast-tracked me with her guidance to being in the place I wanted to be for so long Thanks again, Talitha, for all you've guided me to become. Much gratitude"

Amanda Geary, White Moth Photography.



"Thank you Talitha for your introduction to Theta healing workshop. I learned what Theta healing is but more importantly I felt the work with you gracious guidance. Going into deeper levels of my abilities to connect and transform was incredibly beautiful. For a work that seems so out there it was really grounded and sensible. I love that the group made a connection and your questions were so on point. I let go of a most profound story that I had that was holding me back from experiencing others and the connections available when I am free and I was set free. Thank you so much for your kindness, your generosity and for your talent that you choose to share and teach others in. All the best, Alison xo"

Alison Gaffney Brisbane, Australia


"I have just completed two courses with Talitha from “Evolve with ThetaHealing”. 1.The Basic DNA ThetaHealing Practitioners Course 2.Advanced DNA ThetaHealing Practitioners course I feel truly blessed to have completed the courses with Talitha – her easy going nature, easy to understand and easy to-follow teaching style. The whole experience was so enjoyable whilst we all shared and listened to personal stories. I learnt such an incredible healing modality, practiced healings on fellow students, learnt so much about myself and experienced life changing healings. I now, practice healings on myself, my husband and children. I will be applying healings and manifestations to my own business and I now have the courage and confidence to start my own Healing Business. If you are considering doing the courses with Talitha – I say do! It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!"

Shandell Dambergs Virtual Executive Assistant/ Director -


"Talitha's lovely caring nature, down to earth teaching methods and the class size made this training extremely valuable to myself making it easy to absorb all information aswell as overcome my own struggles with acute social anxiety. It is a fun, interactive class and all the particpants were like-minded, lovely souls and people I will definitely be staying in touch with for a long time! The course content itself is extremly enlightening and has enabled me to overcome some very big and personal challenges in my life and given me a much more positive, relaxed and hopeful perspective and daily practices in my life. Coming from a recent situation causing acute post traumatic stress, social anxieties and heavily pregnant...the course was by far the biggest and best action i could have taken at this very point in my life and my children and I have gained far more than basic knowledge of Theta Healing practices! I have been uplifted and inspired to further my knowledge and abilities and will defintiely be returning shortly once my baby is born for further practicitioner training with Talitha! All in all an absolutely invaluable course and experience! So glad to have met you and the rest of the group Talitha! Thankyou thankyou, thankyou! The weights have been lifted and life is much more enjoyable and stress free!"

Love Juliana, Brisbane. Australia.


"I have know Talitha for a number of years now & it has been an absolute blessing to have witnessed the massive transformations that have taken place in her life since she first started ThetaHealing® in 2007. Talitha is very passionate about ThetaHealing® due to the many related miracles that she has experienced in her own life. This passion & love for ThetaHealing® emanates... from her work, both as a practitioner & an instructor.

I recently completed The Game of Life with Talitha. This course completely changed the direction of my life. It opened me up to other possibilities & opportunities that had not been accessible to me due to my own limited perceptions. Prior to the course, I felt that I had no direction. One month after having completed the course, I decided to enrol to study with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC. This decision has been one of the most positive & life-giving decisions that I have made for myself to date.

Thank you Talitha for your unconditional love & compassion. Your strong desire to help other people to change their lives for the better is contagious."

Leisa Porteous-Semple
Master Special Education
ThetaHealing® Instructor & Practitioner


"I recently have attended 8 classes in the past 4.5 months with Talitha. In the past I was a Certified Teacher of Basic, Advanced, Manifesting & Abundance classes. I also had completed World Relations + Rainbow Adults class, as well as having done the 3 classes I was a Teacher of about 6 times each. In 2009 I was shown clearly by Creator to step away from ThetaHealing for a while.......knowing that I would be brought back to it in the future, when the time was right for me to do so again.

I have witnessed in every class that I have attended with Talitha, how Masterful she is at Programming the Class & allowing Creator to be in charge of the class. All issues get resolved, for everyone (to the degree that they are open to it happening) in the most incredible & divinely-timed ways......I am amazed each class, to see things change for myself in this way....& the perfection of the Timing & Circumstances for others in the class also. Creator brings it together perfectly. 

Talitha is excellent at teaching the Digging & my Results & Confidence with Digging have been Phenomenal.

3 weeks of Intuitive Anatomy gave me the Practise, the Learning through observation & the Technical Skills to ALWAYS get to the bottom belief when Digging.

Her Intuition is highly developed & is able to help each person move fwd at each stage of where they are at, sensing what that person needs in the moment. I feel that she also senses When to NOT help out, not say anything.....Trusting that Creator is guiding that person (i.e. ME!) in the perfect direction & will be taken care of & develop the confidence that they can change it themselves without having to rely on the Teacher or other students.

Her classes are FUN!

People experience profound Healings & Life changes, she is able to guide people to go Deep in order to create change in their life......while also the experience of the class is gentle, fun & exciting. There are lots of laughs & it is playful, something else that has been a gift & that I wanted in my Theta Class experiences. She has an excellent balance of Professional serious Learning/Healing mixed with Fun, Laughter & Ease, in a Relaxed atmosphere.

When I saw her on the cover of Holistic Bliss I KNEW that she was the Right Teacher for me to finally come back into ThetaHealing. It has been truly Divine-Timing to attend her classes, the way that they all Lined-up so perfectly timing-wise.....& her Support to get through them all while having a busy life & long Travel times each day. 

I was Impressed & Excited to read about her Success with ThetaHealing & Reminded me that THIS is what Theta is all about......I could feel it within me & it Resonated with every part of my Being.....that she was the Right Teacher for me. I have great Respect for the Journey that Talitha has been on, her Dedication to this Modality & to the Integrity of Vianna's way of ThetaHealing. It matches my own Love & Respect for this Modality, that has become a Lifestyle now in every way. 

Within the classes & in a personal session that I had with Talitha (1hr + 15mins) I have experienced ALL of the Changes that I have been wanting.....for YEARS. She was able to assist me to Clear some Major Blocks that had been holding me back, creating problems in my Life & stopping me from Fully Utilising ALL of my Abilities & Energy. After 4.5 months I am FULLY Confident & Capable in this Technique again, have Manifested incredible things in my Life, witnessed Profound Healings, have a MIRACLE Physical Healing testimonial from a Client to my Credit, let go of the Past & Family Obligations, have moved into the Drivers Seat of my Life & am fully confident once more in my Vision & ability to Create anything that I want in my Life. This is also balanced with a far deeper understanding of the concept of Divine-Timing....& I now understand WHY many seemingly 'negative/bad' things had happened to me in the past 10 years & how my Divine-timing REALLY works. With this Understanding, combined with the Power to change anything & Manifest what I truly Desire.......this year is set to be the Greatest of my LIfe. 

I have Goals to become Re-Certified as a Theta Teacher & do as many of the Classes as I can, travelling the World & meeting ThetaHealers Worldwide in the process. 


Daniel Newman.

Intuitive Anatomy, Game of Life Practitioner.

Queensland, Australia


"This beautiful lady Talitha Talarek is the very epitomy of a miracle healer.

I have been most fortunately and abundantly blessed to spend the last two weeks learning Disease & Disorder with her. The generosity of her soul & spirit is unlimited with a humbleness and gentleness that is awe inspiring.

Through her wealth of instant and miracle healings I received and received learnings with an abundance that is just wonderous...

Disease & Disorder is a course that covers everything from cancers to organ diseases & encompasses illnesses in all the systems of the human body.

It is a very in depth course essential to a new understanding of the body. Talitha took me through this day after day guiding me through learning very valuable information and digging to release resistance & blocks and gently guiding me to my very core to clear anything and everything holding me back.

TO SAY - THANK YOU - Talitha seems so tiny for the wonderful miracle of life you have given me.

Thank you Creator of All that Is for Guiding me to Another Master & Learned Teacher beyond measure xxxx"

Kendal Taytasac

South Africa


Kendal is pictured here

with Talitha, in Redcliffe

QLD, Australia 


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