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Through many thousands of healings and readings, Vianna has refined the technique into a set of amazing tools, which are both easily learnt and taught so we too can experience miracles in our daily lives and create the life we want to live with ease!


Our ThetaHealing practitioner courses are fantastic for supercharging your own personal healing journey and creating the life you would love to live as well as for becoming a practitioner of ThetaHealing and working with others.


Students will learn how to access the Theta Brain wave to co-create with the energy which flows through all things - the Creator. It is in this state which we are able to identify and remove deeply held blocks which are standing in the way of wellness and reprogram the subconscious mind with positive beliefs, feelings and emotions to create the life you truly deserve to live. A life full of love, joy, peace and happiness - living your true self.ThetaHealing® is more than a way to heal - it is a way to create at a supercharged pace.


ThetaHealing® is one of the most powerful energy-healing techniques in the world. We now have over 500,000 Practitioners Worldwide. It is spreading so rapidly, Instructors from more than 150 countries have been trained and people from all walks of life from those living on the streets to professionals and those in the public eye such as actors, sporting personalities, musicians and models are reaping the benefits. This modality is being used in hospitals in Japan, Schools in India and beyond!


Please see Course descriptions along with course pricing on tab dropdown.


To secure your place in any of our courses a Registration deposit is required - by registering for any of our courses you agree to our "Terms and Conditions". We understand that everyone's situation is different so for those requiring some extra assistance for course payments we also offer great payment plans and have a number of part scholarships available for each course. To see if you qualify for a part scholarship please submit a written request.


We are currently teaching courses in Brisbane and are interested in expanding our playground, if you are interested in becoming a host in your local area please email us via the contacts page for information.Hosting opportunities are available Worldwide.


Please feel free to check out some of my student & practitioner testimonials...

FREE Introduction to ThetaHealing with Talitha Talarek: Tuesday 17th October, 2017 11:30am - 1:00pm


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