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Talitha Talarek 9 months pregnant sitting in the ocean in QLD Australia

Your Instructor & Practitioner,

Talitha Talarek

ThetaHealing® Master & Certificate of Science


"Miracles Happen"


Talitha is a woman of heart, a visionary, a writer, a mother, partner, healer, teacher, professional, leader and the former founder of the Evolve With ThetaHealing Centre in Queensland. 

She absolutely thrives on helping others and seeing them heal from past wounds, seeing them become free from limitations, rise to enlightenment and co-create the lives that exists within their heart. She loves seeing people achieve happiness!


Talitha stands tall, shining a light, holding space for many to not only see truth but recognize it within themselves.

She has shared knowledge in various ways throughout the years being dedicated to assisting the growth of ThetaHealing both in Australia and worldwide. Thru teaching and demonstration, speaking at events, radio – both international & local, many interviews and she also wrote a column for a number of years for a well known wellbeing Magazine.


She took promotion next level appearing on pharmacy script repeats – focusing on bridging the gap with western medicine recognizing the importance of working together.

Talitha was delighted to appear on the cover of Holistic Bliss Magazine in 2017 and honoured to be asked to interview founder of ThetaHealing, Vianna Stibal and write the cover story when she appeared on the cover of the very same magazine in 2018.


Talitha believes that so much is possible, that we can switch out of the fear based scenarios into ones of divine love and support really easily with ThetaHealing and that it's important to not just know about creating change and changing our own lives easefully but also about sharing the knowledge so others too can advance and find the answers they are looking for. So they can stop the uphill battle and be at peace with themselves.


Talitha has long been interested in the metaphysical world having been aware of her intuitive strengths since she was a teenager, so when she first began ThetaHealing in 2007 it provided her with an incredible amount of comfort. It helped her to refine her abilities and know that it is safe to continue to progress extensively without having to shut down. That it was ok to be who she is. The technique not only helped her in becoming more clear in her connection with the Creator but she also experienced healings in the emotional and physical sense in her first 3 day Basic DNA ThetaHealing Course. This class proved to be so much more than what she had imagined. It became obvious to her that this "key" would help her in what she felt was her life's purpose.


Here we are now in 2018. Talitha has helped thousands of people, attracting clientele from many countries around the world, she has a great compassion and understanding as well as an incredible vibrancy. Her tenacity, belief and passion for changing our planet is massive and insightful. The only telltale signs of her past life in Financial Accounting and the many adversities she has faced in the past (including years of abuse: physical, emotional, sexual & spiritual, bankruptcy in 2009, illness etc) are thru the stories she shares with her classes as she takes them on a journey of deepened self discovery and learning (or rather, remembering) thru the various aspects and healings that are the ThetaHealing technique.


At the end of 2017 Talitha made the decision to close the ThetaHealing Centre on Redcliffe Parade, to continue her own personal growth and adjust the balance in her life adding more time with her beloved family while also focusing on teaching even more people than before by offering classes in various locations - with this the opportunity for others to host ThetaHealing Courses taught by Talitha has become available. 


"There is no bigger joy then seeing the smile upon someone’s face, whether it be after they have come to an end of suffering, healed from devastating illness, changed a financial situation to the way they desire, manifested the love of their life or the house of their dreams - whatever it may be and entered a space of freedom, wholeness and love and what’s even more amazing is in teaching this work, I get to see a sea of smiles all at once.


There truly are infinite possibilities, you can change the way you are choosing to learn in this life time, it doesn't have to be hard or outstretched. I invite you to take the journey for yourself, come along to a 3 Day Basic DNA ThetaHealing Course, I would be honoured to guide you thru steps and stages of empowerment."


It’s easier than you think!!!


Talitha Talarek.


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