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Please Note: Talitha has written a regular column for Holistic Bliss now for a number of years. You can read more by connecting directly with the Magazine.

Published in Holistic Bliss Magazine Edition 61, Sept 2014

Published in Holistic Bliss Magazine Edition 63, November 2014

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posted 14 December 2014.

What is ThetaHealing?

Posted by: HBliss Posted date: December 14, 2014 In: Latest News


In 2007 I was introduced to a modality that was to transform my life in every way. At the time I had been going on a journey of self discovery working out the how’s and why’s of myself and the universe, a journey which had begun many years earlier. I had not long had an epiphany of my life’s purpose and was once again on track…In my heart of hearts I have always felt the strong desire to help others.


This modality was and still is ThetaHealing. It gave me the answers to all of the questions I had been wondering about myself and life and more – it gave me a way to tap into the highest truth and get the answers for myself, whilst also developing skills to help others in the highest and best way with great results at an amazing speed. I learn through the experience of myself as well as others and the knowing from Creator. As I healed from many disharmonies, I began creating the life that I wanted to live, experiencing true joy and contentment.

I have been able to taste and live a freedom like never before and truly be the Co-creator of my own reality.

I became a ThetaHealing Instructor in 2010. To be able to help others help themselves – who then go on to help even more people has truly been like striking gold.


In ThetaHealing we teach children from the age of seven years and up and work with clients from as early as in the womb.


ThetaHealing is a complementary therapy which is connecting the world in unity.

It is connecting the world through freedom and unconditional love, healing the hearts and souls of those in places we could only have dreamed about, as well as in our own back yards, with currently over 350,000 practitioners in over 100 countries – numbers which are continually on the rise.


What began as a connection to the Creator (the Energy of All That Is) became a healing technique in 1995 when a terminal illness in founder Vianna Stibal’s leg healed instantly, this technique has grown today to be what can be classed as a major key in the life we live.


Barriers which were previously stopping people from being their true selves and keeping people apart and at war with each other are being dissolved.

People of different religions (and those of no religion) and cultural backgrounds are connecting as they are freed from prejudices, hatreds and dualities.


The belief work in ThetaHealing is one aspect it is best known for. With the belief work we are able to tap into our subconscious programming and make changes on Core (from childhood), Genetic (inherited through our DNA), Soul (all that we are) and History (past lives and collective consciousness) levels.


So why would we want to tap into our own minds?

Defunct programming of feelings and beliefs can create many disharmonies in our lives such as: illness, poverty, failure, fears, illusion of being separate, it can keep people in ill situations of abuse and addiction, feeling and being alone and working and living a life style that is less than desired and a barrage of other “sacrifices” and ill behaviours. With the ThetaHealing technique we are able to eradicate these things while also uncover how these things have served us, so that we can move forward without having to repeat the same “lessons”. As we replace these programs we are able to create our future in a positive way.


In ThetaHealing we honour and respect the free will of each and every person. Therefore permission is required.

As we release resentments, regrets and rejections and bring in forgiveness and positive new feelings, it opens up more of our natural healing and psychic abilities.


Not every situation requires reprogramming of our subconscious mind. ThetaHealing also offers many tools of healing, ways to connect with deceased loved ones, our higher self, guardian angels, future readings, connection and communication with plants and animals – free from the bindings and commitments of the different planes of existence. It raises the roof on manifesting to around 90% and unites Soulmates and Soul families.


ThetaHealing provides us with a way to connect with the Creator through the Theta Brainwave state in seconds. A sleep and meditational state which we are able to hold as a waking state, one that has also been achieved by people through hours and days of fasting and prayer to reach complete calmness. It is our birthright to use this connection and to remember our abilities – ones which we used eons ago before layers of belief hindered them.

In healing of ourselves and each other, we are raising the vibration and healing our planet through oneness.


Vianna Stibal has been certifying instructors to train practitioners of this modality since 2000. In 2015 Instructors will be trained in India, Israel, Japan, Germany, New York & Montana USA, Russia, Greece, United Arab Emirates – Dubai and Mexico.


For more information and to search ThetaHealing® Practitioners and Instructors Worldwide visit

Living life with an open heart is the celebration of life.
Love and Miracles to you,


Talitha Talarek of ‘Evolve with ThetaHealing’ is a ThetaHealing® Practitioner & Instructor currently based in Brisbane, Australia.

Published in Holistic Bliss Magazine Edition 65, February 2015

Published in Holistic Bliss Magazine Edition 69, June 2015

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