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Learn how to utilize the energy of creation to clear blocks, heal and transform your true hearts desires into reality.


Empower yourself to create a life of health, wealth, love and prosperity.


Living A Life of Purpose!

ThetaHealing Foundation Course Package

Attend all 4 ThetaHealing Foundation Courses back to back in 2023, ONLINE with Talitha for a super charged transformation.

The journey begins 10 July!

See Dates on our schedule below for:

#1 Basic DNA, #2 Advanced DNA,

#3 Dig Deeper PLUS #4 You & The Creator

Special Package Price of AUD $2351 when paid in full!

Schedule of ThetaHealing Certification Seminars 
Basic DNA ThetaHealing is your first step!
All courses listed are being held online. Time zone is set for Brisbane, QLD AUSTRALIA (Australian Eastern Standard Time). Please check time converter for your location.

True Alignment with Your Soul Purpose.png


Intuitive Anatomy                            24 April - 12 May, 2023

Earlybird Pricing for Intuitive Anatomy when Deposit is paid by 13 March!

Disease & Disorder                        15 - 26 May, 2023 

Please Note: We are offering what would be the EB price for this class for all attendees

DNA 3                                             29 May - 2 June, 2023

Earlybird Pricing for DNA 3 when Deposit is paid by 17 April!

Game of Life                                   12 - 14 June, 2023 

Language: English                                                      9:30am - 4pm Brisbane, AUS Time

Game of Life                                   20 - 23 June, 2023 

Language: Chinese Mandarin                                    6pm - 10:30pm Beijing, China Time

You & Your Significant Other             1 - 2 July, 2023

In English with Arabic Translation Channel Available   9:30am - 4pm Dubai, AUE Time

Basic DNA ThetaHeaing                10 - 12 July, 2023

Earlybird Pricing for Basic DNA when Deposit is paid by 29 May!

Advanced DNA                              13 - 15 July, 2023

Earlybird Pricing for Advanced DNA  when Deposit is paid by 31 May!

Dig Deeper                                     17 - 18 July, 2023

Earlybird Pricing for Dig Deeper when Deposit is paid by 3 June!

You & The Creator                          19 - 20 July, 2023


True Alignment with Your             28 - 30 August 2023

Soul Purpose                                7pm - 11.15pm Brisbane, Australia

Manifesting & Abundance              TBC 2023


ThetaHealing Master Preparatory Course Package

Once you have completed the 4 Foundational Courses, Master Preparatory courses become available to you. Join us for 6 Masterful weeks back to back starting 24 April, 2023! NEXT ROUND DATES COMING SOON!!!

A life changing 6 weeks that will see you leap forward  with Advanced

skillset as a ThetaHealer!

See Dates on our schedule above for:

#1 Intuitive Anatomy, #2 Disease & Disorder

and #3 DNA 3

Special Package Price of AUD $6150 when paid in full!

Create the Life Your Heart Desires

"Whether you learn the ThetaHealing technique for your own personal progression or to be a practitioner - you are helping many.

The benefits of this work and the ripple effect are great!"


Secure your place at our next entry level course by clicking the link below.




Hosting Opportunities Available 
Talitha is passionate about sharing this life changing technique with
as many people as possible throughout the world. If you would like to
host a course in your local area or ONLINE, get in touch.
Talitha teaches Basic DNA right through to DNA 3 plus a number of 
ThetaHealing electives and Rainbow Children Courses (for 3 age groups).

                       with Talitha Talarek

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